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Presentation of ORELLANA
Networks and Spaces Observatory on the llanos, the Andes and the Amazon


The goal of ORELLANA program is to analizes and presents structures and dynamics of andean area in its globality.
The program works under descentralized scheme thanks to national teams of scientists (universities and research centers) and ingeneers from statistics and census offices. In every country, man realized a national socio-economic atlas and, in some cases, regional or departemental atlases, results from which are comparables for they are based on same datas (last national population and household census) and similar method of data analysis and cartography.

The Regional Andean Atlas is the result of the integration of theses national works and its goal is to evaluate the territory formed by the Andean Community (Venezuela, Colombia, Equator, Peru and Bolivia). In this time of countries integration, that are seeking to valorize its comparative adventages between themselves and with the rest of earth, it seems even more necessary to know about territorial realities and its integration processes, on which set up policies.

Study area : The five countries of Andean Community - Venezuela - Colombia - Equator - Peru - Bolivia, with datas at finest level in each country (Municipio, parroquia, distrito and cantón censal), and with common indicators chosen in the last population and household census.

Teams :

  • in Bolivia: Universidad Mayor San Andrés (UMSA) de La Paz, y Dirección de Ordenamiento Territorial (DOT), del Ministerio de Desarollo Sostenible y Planeación;
  • in Colombia: Centro de Investigación del Desarrollo Regional (CIDER) de la Universidad de los Andes en Bogotá, and Centro Regional de Estudios Cafeteros y de Empresas (CRECE) at Manizales
  • in Ecuador: Departamento de geografía de la Universidad Católica del Ecuador (PUCE), at Quito;
  • in Perú: Instituto Nacional de Estadística e Informática (INEI) at Lima;
  • in Venezuela: Departamento de geografía de la Universidad de los Andes (ULA), at Mérida.

Map exemple  : Analphabetism rate in Andean Community



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