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Manual - Table of contents

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top The Network

- Introduction
Introductory endpaper. General presentation. Aims and funcionalities of the network and mailing list. Keywords corresponding to main thematic topics. Links to directions for use, browsing without frames, and a page of recent news.

- Presentation
General theme, aims and specificity of the network.


- Readings
Texts, summaries et reading notes written by members of the network concerning a selection of important bibliographic references.

- References
Data base of bibliographic references linked to main research topics of network's members.

- Resources
A selection of institutional adresses and links close to ResRurEcon by their sientific issues or services.

- Members
List of members of the network with a presentation of their main scientific interests and a short selected bibliography (marked with *). An automatic translation of the member's page can be obtained via Altavista.

top The mailing List

- Subscription
Some practical information concerning future members of the mailing list.

- Others Lists
Selected mailing lists with similar focus and discussion subject.


- Help of list
Functions and services of the mailing list; robot user's manual and procedure to subscribe.

- the Charter
Responsabilities and recommandations for members of the mailing list: reminder of aims, rights, rules of use and good use.

- french version

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- Javascript origins: L. MARIE <lhs@sarto.com> (http://www.sarto.com)
- search tools: FreeFind (http://www.freefind.com/)
- counters of access:
LinkExchange (http://member.linkexchange.com/)
eStat (http://www.estat.com/)

top Quotations of this site

- AERE - (http://www.ecu.edu/econ/aere/discuss.htm)
- EAERE - (http://cwis.kub.nl/~few5/center/eaere/index.htm)
- Agora 21 - site du Développement durable - (http://www.agora21.org/objectif_terre/O_T_n1-p9.html)
- Environmental Damage Valuation & Cost Benefit web page: (http://www.damagevaluation.com/links/economics/econdirs/envecon.html)
- HoPEc - working papers in economics: (http://netec.ier.hit-u.ac.jp/HoPEc)
- IALC On-line publications (http://www.ag.arizona.edu/OALS/IALC/NL/NL-38/pubs-38.html)
- IRD LER (http://www.mpl.ird.fr/LEA/french/services/collabo.html)
- Liszt Internet discussion groups - (http://www.liszt.com)
- Ruralia: Rural & Internet (http://www.revues.org/ruralia/04-1999/08-04-1999b.html)

top MIROR sites

- http://www.mpl.ird.fr/resrurecon/ResRurEcon/RRE_base.html
- http://www.cru.fr/listes/resrurecon@cines.fr
- http://perso.libertysurf.fr/langlois/ResRurEcon/RRE_base.html
- http://www.altern.org/mlanglois/ResRurEcon/RRE_base.html
- http://www.citeweb.net/mlangloi/resrurecon/RRE_base.html
- http://mlangloi.free.fr/ResRurEcon/RRE_base.html

top Montpellier, 12/99

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