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top 18/04/2000
# Proposals for a Glossary (2)
A new glossary term is introduced in the ResRurEcon page with the word : RURALITE

You may consider this glossary page for proposals and reactions, for example,
- by adding terms,
- by proposing its own definitions,
- by quoting recognized definitions,
- by announcing indexes of paper or electronic references.
Inform me please if you don't have acces to this web page, thanks

Because of the new name of the list server (CNUSC - CINES), please note this new mail adress for your postings to the list:

new adress: (in replacement of

top 24/12/1999
# Proposals for a Glossary
Each member among us uses and conveys a terminology set of themes and concepts which can sometimes lend to confusion. It often borrows from the common vocabulary or that of other disciplines than our's, and the words are often used without preliminary definition or without a clearly explicited meaning.

Noting the lack of the good economic glossaries in the field suitable for the Network which interests us, I propose on the ResRurEcon site (under menu Themes/glossaire.html) a first and short selection of scientific words so that each one can reacts for example,
- by adding terms,
- by proposing its own definitions,
- by quoting recognized definitions,
- by announcing indexes of paper or electronic references.

I hope that you will be concerned and that it will contribute to profitable exchanges within the Network?

top 20/07/1999
# Information about Web pages
Some among you sent a list of personal bibliographical references. It was retained completely (...) and appears in good place under the heading " works and articles " of each individual record sheet. When these references are the subject of a summary or a critical appreciation and enter the field set of themes of ResRurEcon, they are presented in a table of headings in particular allowing the reading of this summary and that of the associated key words.

Then do not hesitate to modify or supplement your references!

top 28/04/1999
# Thématic References
For more credibility of the ResRurEcon network, and a better sharing of information among members, it will be appreciated that each of us contribute to a list of annoted bibliographic references. A new item is opened on the web page.

Standard fields only are requested (authors, year, title, keyword, ref. of publication) and a special field for annotation or abstract. A sharing of a data base may be prospected afterwards.

# Personal Bibliography (members)
Each of us may also give a selection of personnal bibliographic references which will be added to the existing scientific statement. This information (optionnal) is now requested for new members.

top 20/11/1998
# Give me your advice.
My proposal is to submit to the community the next "real" subscription demands (with argumentation) and those not yet agreed. A debate will be thus initiated about scientific objects and aims of the network.

# The principle of the network is mutual communication and collaboration among members. Be aware of sharing interesting thinkings and projects, and of suggesting ways of use for the mailing list and Web page.

top 30/10/98
# The Network page and the List are now declared in the main French and Anglo-Saxon search engines of the WEB. I hope that this publicity will cause interest for the scientific topics of the network but the number of registered voters is still insufficient to allow profitable exchanges. I thus ask you urgently to take a little of your time to make known and to cause requests for information and inscription near potentially interested colleagues.

# Do not hesitate to consult the Web page and to ask for additions to already existing headings.

# A reading and a later analysis of the messages sent to the list will be possible by taking care to write headings of each mail as follows:

AR: annotations & lectures - annotations & readings
BR: références bibliographiques - bibliographical references
CF: conférences & séminaires - conferences and seminars
PA: proposition d'article - proposal for an article
RP: proposition de recherche - proposal for a research
SP: programme scientifique - scientific project
TD: discussion thématique - theme of discussion
QQ: information réseau - information on network
XX: demande d'adhésion - subscription request.

top 29/09/98
# A new page for readings is open on the web site. Each of us may put on it abstracts or reading's summaries of articles or books for on-line publication.

top 10/08/1998
# la liste ResRurEcon est de création récente. Elle commencera à fonctionner réellement dès qu'un nombre suffisant d'inscrits permettra des échanges diversifiés et conséquents (7 inscrits à ce jour).

# l'adhésion au réseau vise un partage d'expériences et de réflexions concernant l'économie locale des ressources naturelles.

# la liste des profils et des champs individuels de recherche, tels qu'ils ont été adressés au moment de l'inscription, sera établie pour les adhérents qui n'auraient pas reçu cette information par courrier électronique.

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