Mailing list - Directions for use

The mailing list is an automatic multi-posting system for subscribers linked by electronic mail.

Use - Recommandations - Labels - Fonctionalities - Useful adresses -

top Use of this list
- to ask for subscription, please send to the following message: SUBSCRIBE ResRurEcon Prénom Nom
- to ask for resiliation, please send to the following message: SIGNOFF ResRurEcon
- to write to members of this list, please send your message to:

top Advices for mailing
- if you want to transmit a complex document as a binary, announce its availability on the list, and transmit it exclusively via individual email.
- if you change topics in your reply, be sure to change the subject heading
- send a different message for each topic of discussion.
- it is suggested to use a proper topic heading for each mail accordingly to some keywords (cf. infra).

top Topic headings of mail
A reading and a later analysis of the messages sent to the list will be possible by taking care to write topic headings of each mail as follows:
AR: annotations & lectures - annotations & readings
BR: références bibliographiques - bibliographical references
CF: conférences & séminaires - conferences and seminars
PA: proposition d'article - proposal for an article
RP: proposition de recherche - proposal for a research
SP: programme scientifique - scientific project
TD: discussion thématique - topic of discussion
QQ: information réseau - information on network
XX: demande d'adhésion - subscription request.

top Functionalities of this list
- automaticaly send and receive messages in a shared letter box
- sharing of text documents send like attachments files (recommanded format: pure text, acrobat, rtf)
- receival of grouped messages (digest mode option for user) allowing to check mail periodically (each two weeks)
- dowloading of periodical archive files (mensualy)

Fonctionalities of archiving
- to find historic of messages without individual backup or storage
- useful addresses: -> to archive with sending mail -> to archive without sending mail

top Usuful adresses
web page of list:
Archives of list:
Help of list server (commands):

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