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Mailing List - Membership

Each individual request is submitted to the owner of the list with some enquiries to be sure of the accordance with the thematic of this list and to validate the inscription to the network.

In accordance to the rules of the Charter, these informations will be strictly affected to internal use. Computerized processing of nominative informations is regulated in many countries; in France, it is subject to the n°78-17 law of 6/01/1978, and in case of infrigement, to penal rules readeable in french and english.

** Automatic subscription is not allowed in order to focus this Network on the main subject of interest. Some informations about you are needed to be submitted to actual members of the mailing List:

- personal identification and scientific field,
- institution, sector of activity (research, education, public, private),
- personal thematic and geographic key-words related to Rural Resources Economics,
- (important) a short scientific statement to have an idea of your thematic interests: activities, present research and projects, methodology...;
- a significant selection of personal bibliographic references,
- a personal or institutional web page attractive for the network.

These informations may be published in the ResRurEcon network Web page.

ResRurEcon email list logded at CINES is registered in the scientific domain of Francopholistes, a service of the french Comité Réseau des Universités.
Administrator: Michel.Langlois@mpl.ird.fr
Montpellier, 08/99
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