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A lot of networks and mailing lists give services to international scientific community. Some of them with similar topics as ResRurEcon are briefly presented here with topics and mail address.

top CED-NET, (ced-net@sfu.ca)
Community Economic Development in Developed Countries. An unmoderated discussion list for anyone interested in trends, opportunities and changes in community economic development. The focus will be on what communities can do for themselves in terms of achieving access to knowledge, programs, markets, and funds.
->> Subscription address: majordomo@sfu.ca

top ECONLAW, (econlaw@gmu.edu)
Law and Economics.
->> Subscription address: listproc@gmu.edu

top LAND-THEORY, (land-theory@listbox.com)
Land and Natural Resource Economic Theory. A discussion list about the economics and ethics of land tenure, land monopoly, and other related monopolies and privileges. Most people on this list are thoroughly familiar with the unique facets of land economics, as taught by the classical liberals (Adam Smith, John Locke, etc.), the American revolutionaries (particularly Thomas Jefferson, Tom Paine and Benjamin Franklin), and the last great classic liberal economist, Henry George.
->> Subscription address: majordomo@pobox.com

Land & Resource Economics Network
Topics: The land and resource economics list is set up to facilitate the communication and discussion of issues and topics related to land and resource economics: current and ongoing issues/events, discipline history, ontology, pedagogy, methodology, theory and application. In addition to professional and applied policy issues, job openings (private, public and academic), book and working paper announcements, and conference announcements are welcome and encouraged. Research notes and updates from institutes and research centres are especially welcome.
->> Computerized administrator: listserv@lsv.uky.edu
Human administrator: resecon-request@lsv.uky.edu

Community and Rural Economic Development Interests
->> Subscription address: listserv@ksuvm.ksu.edu

Rural Sociology Discussion List
Topics: matters of interest and concern to professional rural sociologists. This includes such things as job announcements, professional meetings, inquiries for information about research and/or publications of interest to subscribers, issues of public policy of concern to people in rural communities, and the like. In general, the list is available to any professional rural sociologist to pursue any professional interest that he or she thinks a network of like-minded people might be helpful with.
->> Computerized administrator: listserv@lsv.uky.edu
Human administrator: rursoc-l-request@lsv.uky.edu

top SANET-MG (sanet-mg@amani.ces.ncsu.edu):
Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) Discussion List
Topics: Conference on sustainable agriculture offers news, calendar listings and magazines, and is also a good place to send out queries on sustainable ag topics. Besides the mailing group, SAN also offers searchable databases on the Internet, including research reports, a directory of individuals and organizations willing to share expertise in sustainable agriculture and a guide to cover crops.
->> Subscription address: almanac@ces.ncsu.edu

Sustainable Agriculture & Natural Resource Management
->> Computerized administrator: listserv@uga.cc.uga.edu
Human administrator: sanrem-l-request@uga.cc.uga.edu

top STATE-ECON (state-econ@valley.rtpnc.epa.gov):
Discussion of state-level economic analysis of environmental regulations.
Topics: discussion among state analysts (and other interested individuals) involved in the conduct of economic analysis of environmental rules. Possible topics for discussion include questions on the design and establishment of a state program to conduct economic analysis of environmental rules; requests for advice and information on the conduct of particular economic analyses of environmental rulemakings. (Please keep in mind that information requests should not replace basic background research and analysis; questions on the legislative mandates to conduct economic analysis in other states).
->> Computerized administrator: listserver@unixmail.rtpnc.epa.gov
Human administrator: weinberger.jennifer@epamail.epa.gov

top TENURE, (tenure@relay.doit.wisc.edu)
Forum for the dissemination and discussion of information on rights in, access to, and use of land and other resources; sustainable development, poverty, and income distribution; and related laws and institutions.
Topics of interest include tenure issues in natural-resource management, land markets, institutional and structural dimensions of tenure change, dispute settlement processes, issues in land access relating to gender and the historically disadvantaged, and so on.
The list is managed by the Land Tenure Center, based in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a web page at http://www.wisc.edu/ltc.
->> Subscription address: listserver@relay.doit.wisc.edu

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