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- Christopher BRUCE
- professor of Economics at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
- mots-clés significatifs: conflict, competing use, allocation of land, commercial use, non-commercial use, resource, land

I am primarily interested in documenting the various techniques which are used around the world to resolve conflicts among competing users of resources - particularly uses of land. I am primarily interested in the allocation of land between "commercial" (e.g. agriculture, forestry, and mining) uses on the one hand and non-comercial (e.g protection of wildlife, preservation of water quality, and recreational use) uses on the other hand.

As this often results in conflicts between local, rural agricultural/forestry users and external, often international, environmental groups, I anticipate that the members of a ResRurEcon list would have considerable experience in the issues I am investigating. I would like to collate and analyse the experiences of different countries and then redistribute my findings in the form of recommendations. I have already begun to accumulate a large body of information on this topic, including much information concerning non-rural policies.

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