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Membres - Présentation individuelle

- PhD student (ABD) in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Connecticut, a public university. Research assistant, will be teaching a course in environmental planning.
- mots-clés significatifs: renewable natural resources; land spaces and resources; competition and conflicts; assignment, use, externalities.
My research work has been on the measurement of recreational use and amenity values of freshwater lakes through contingent valuation and contingent pricing. I am currently examining the societal value of public access to lakes.
On a more general basis, I am interested in the optimal allocation of net user benefits of multiple use waterbodies and in the economics of preserving drinking water sources, both surface and underground.

Terrain de recherche
I will be moving to a tropical country in West Africa when I am finished with my studies and want to become familiar with the economics of water issues in the region.

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2l Food Policy Research Institute. Discussion Paper. Forthcoming. Vosti, S., J. Witcover and C. L. Carpentier, Agricultural Intensification at the Forest Margin: from Deforestation to Sustainable Land Use by Smallholders in the Western Brazi    "  U  ]  ^  f  i    w          9  ;  B  D      2RB2styl