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Membres - Présentation individuelle

- Rainer MERZ
- member of University of Bielefeld's Graduate Program 'Market, State, Ethnicity'
- mots-clés significatifs: strategy, appropriation, monetary and non-monetary resources
- the web page of our Graduate Program:
PhD project: "Local Group Strategies of Appropriation in Rural South India". It deals with various strategies of appropriation of monetary and non-monetary resources.

The groups under discussion mainly, but not singularly, represent farmers with large landholdings who were able to maintain the interests of their enlarged families by extending their scope and influence into different fields, such as business and politics on the local and supra-local level. Additionally, strategies of prestige enhancement, maintaining caste purity etc come into play.

Terrain de recherche:
Rural South India

the actor oriented social network approach is mainly used to describe the above mentioned phenomena.

top Montpellier, 07/1999

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