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- Fadil RIDA

- ICARDA - International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas

- mots-clés significatifs: Water Resources Economics, Groundwater simulation modeling, Dry Areas, Groundwater use sustainability, Mediterranean, Cropping patterns, System dynamics

- une page Web: ICARDA

I have been working on joint-research project "Action research for sustainable groundwater use In Syria" involves the following institutions:
1- ICARDA (The international Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas
2- Keil University- Department of Economics -Germany
3- University of Cukorova -Department of Economics -Turkey.

Objectifs scientifiques
Long term Objective of the project is to contribute to a strategy for the exploitation of groundwater resource for supplemental irrigation that is:
* relies on local institutions
* is compatible with economic, social, cultural conditions and that:
* encourages and enables irrigators to use scarce groundwater resource sustainably.

Short term objective of the project:
- to diagnose from the view point of the farmers the coordination problem implied by overuse of groundwater resource for supplemental irrigation.
- to integrate farmers' and scientists knowledge of supplemental irrigation in an evolving dynamic systems model that reflect investment in wells by individual farmers and the joint but uncoordinated extraction of groundwater
- to use versions of evolving model to induce learning among change agents- researchers, extension agents, staff of regulatory agencies and policy makers concerned with the management of groundwater resource.

top Montpellier, 09/2000