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Membres - Présentation individuelle

- Sebastian SCHMIDT
- Student in economics at the University of Trier (Germany) with emphasis on developmental economics. Currently studying at Rhodes University at honours level (fourth year) as a year abroad
- mots-clés significatifs: Madagascar, Africa, economics, externalities, sustainable development, agriculture.
My special interest is sustainable/ environment friendly agriculture and my main geographical interset lies in Sub-Saharan Africa and especially Madagascar. As part of the degree (Bachelor of Economics Honours) I am currenlty working on a thesis / long research essay on interdependencies between the agricultural sector and the environment in Madagascar.

top Montpellier, 10/99

2l Food Policy Research Institute. Discussion Paper. Forthcoming. Vosti, S., J. Witcover and C. L. Carpentier, Agricultural Intensification at the Forest Margin: from Deforestation to Sustainable Land Use by Smallholders in the Western Brazi    "  U  ]  ^  f  i    w          9  ;  B  D    2(<2styl