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- Andrew F. SEIDL
- Assistant Professor & Extension Economist-Public Policy in Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics of Colorado State University (Ft. Collins, Colorado, 80523-1172, USA). Responsible for agricultural and natural resource policy and community economic development. Appointment in applied research and extension.
- mots-clés significatifs: livestock operations, land use planning, agricultural land preservation, hedonic price, cost-benefit, cattle ranchers, sustainable extractive products.
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My areas of emphasis in Colorado have included: the opportunities and challenges posed by livestock operations as engines of economic growth and development in rural communities; Land use planning and agricultural land preservation tools. Hedonic price and cost-benefit approaches are central to these efforts.
I also have substantial research experience and interest in the Pantanal wetland of Brazil. I worked for a total of about 2 yrs with the governmental Center for Agricultural Research in the Pantanal (CPAP/EMBRAPA) ( There we are dealing with revealing the direct and indirect values/incentives facing cattle ranchers with regard to behavior resulting in deforestation. Tourism, timber and other potentially sustainable extractive forest products, cattle production profitability, livestock diseases, and fishing studies have been undertaken with my contribution over the past 3 years.
I also have working experience with the French, Argentine and US skiing industry (as a ski instructor), environmental NGOs in Honduras (dissertation) and as a commodity analyst with the FAO in Rome (Tropical Products division).

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2l Food Policy Research Institute. Discussion Paper. Forthcoming. Vosti, S., J. Witcover and C. L. Carpentier, Agricultural Intensification at the Forest Margin: from Deforestation to Sustainable Land Use by Smallholders in the Western Brazi    "  U  ]  ^  f  i    w          9  ;  B  D      2&`2styl