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Membres - Présentation individuelle

- Melanie WIBER
- Anthropologist teaching at the University of New Brunswick in Canada. Associated with the Commission of Folk Law and Legal Pluralism, an organization funded by UNESCO.
- mots-clés significatifs: land and water rights, wet-rice irrigation, tribal area, quota systems, property systems.
«I did my doctoral research in the northern highlands of the Philippine island of Luzon, on issues of land and water rights in a wet-rice irrigation tribal area, resource allocation, control. Since then I have done research on "new forms of property" - specifically "quota systems" in the agricultural sector - concentrating on Canada but with some comparison with the Netherlands. Most recently I have taken this interest into the realm of marine fishing property systems and the recent move globally to privatize fishing rights using quota systems.»

top Montpellier, 10/99

2l Food Policy Research Institute. Discussion Paper. Forthcoming. Vosti, S., J. Witcover and C. L. Carpentier, Agricultural Intensification at the Forest Margin: from Deforestation to Sustainable Land Use by Smallholders in the Western Brazi    "  U  ]  ^  f  i    w          9  ;  B  D    2(<2styl