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- Grace WONG
- master's student (thesis research in progress) in Natural Resource & Environmental Economics at the University of Florida, USA. Member of a larger multi-disciplinary team headed by the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) Malaysia to investigate the potential of selected areas for conservation in Sabah, Malaysia.
- mots-clés significatifs: value system, tropical rain forest, rural, forest community, livelihood, swidden agriculture, forest extraction, conservation area

thesis research in North Borneo focusing on the livelihoods of rural forest communities living in and around conservation areas, and their value systems with regards to the tropical rainforest.

«I am investigating on the economic nature of rural livelihood and natural resource use in three potential conservation areas in Sabah, Malaysia (northeast Borneo). My focus is on the rural households' income formation and their traditional resource use in activities such as swidden agriculture, agro-forestry, forest extraction (hunting and non-timber forest products), fishing and wage income. Particular interest is on the role of the rain forest in their livelihood strategies during times of income shocks such as crop failures due to droughts or forest fires. »

top Montpellier, 07/1999

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